“A small interlude” or “Home again”

I’ll be honest, I was not looking forward to closing this particular adventure on a note like this. Unfortunately, life is rarely what we expect. Here’s the long and the short of it: I decided after LOTS of thought to go home. I was in Vietnam for my girlfriend, and now that she’s not a part of my life (at least to the degree I thought she’d be), I want to get on with my career towards a future in biotech engineering. I’ve applied to a few international positions including a research and development position working on tissue engineering. Anyways, my plan for this blog is to keep posting till I’ve posted the rest of my adventure in vietnam, then to post any further travels I have. In short, we’ll see where it goes from here. My heartfelt thanks go out to anyone whose read this blog, and to those people who have offered ideas and support to keep going in an atmosphere of extreme adversity.

This…may present an issue…


Right…I broke two pairs of glasses getting out here, and now I cant find my third pair. This may become troublesome. On the upside, I’m back to being friend with my ex girlfriend, and I saw Pacific Rim today, and I bought snacks! God how I love banana chips…. Anyways, its like Tennyson once said: “‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than to have never seen Pacific Rim”. Lets face it. Giant robots fighting giant monsters is the best way to mend a broken heart. Though now I feel they could have used one of those giant robots in the movie Cloverfield. I wonder if that movie was supposed to be the prequil…

Meditation and Consideration

Well, I’m nearly 24 hours into weighing my options, and I’m only a little closer to an answer. Stay or go. Under the why to stay column, I have the already paid Celta program, the adventure of Vietnam, fulfilling the desire to have something new and exciting in my life, and the hatred of giving up once I’ve set out to do something. On the why to go column, I have my friends and family, the engineering career path, a familiar place to be, and a binding language. Other things to consider: I don’t love Vietnam. It’s neat in its own right, and I’m very glad to get to see and live in a place like this, if only to get some better perspective on the world. But the culture never fascinated me in the way Japan or Prague or England did. In addition, I’ve never had dreams of being an English teacher. Not that the prospect doesnt interest me, but it was always more of a means to an end, never something that really tugged and my heart. Granted, I do love teaching kids. They can be the most eager learners out there, which tends to be a great incentive to people who get excited for education. (Woo…tangent) What I’m trying to say is that I’m a man of science and engineering, not language. Ugh…clearly I have more thinking to do. Wish me luck, friends!


I’ve made a terrible mistake…I think…

So I’m at a major crossroad. My girlfriend dumped me last night. Now I find myself in Vietnam alone with the exception of people I meet along the way. Now I need to decide if I need to go home to lick my wounds and reevaluate my life or try to push forward. Right now its hard to imagine staying here, but it’s just as hard to imagine giving up 4 days into this trip. Either way, this isn’t going to be pretty. I needed some solitude and time for introspection on the issue, so I’ve booked a very nice hotel (swimming pool, buddy!) for three nights. I was hoping this day wouldnt come, but I’m at the point where I have to ask myself if I’ve made a collosal mistake.

My god….its full of motorbikes.

I saw no fewer than 4000 motor bikes/mopeds today. It’s insane how many people drive those things here in ho chi minh! And with such little reck (read reckless, not wreckless). Though to be fair I didnt see a single accident or vehicular homicide the entire time. Rough day all the same. Had to change hotels, which effectively meant I had to carry two sets of luggage about half a mile, over the course of four trips under the humidity and heat of Vietnam. Gods is it hot out here. I seem to sweat through everything I wear in a matter of minutes. I may as well be living at a water park. Then at least I could be the water dispenser for the giant death fall slides. More later.