Travel Music #1

In case anyone reading this likes good indie tunes, I hope you’ll check out the band Say Hi to Your Mom, specifically the song ‘The Twenty Second Century’. Very mellow tunes.


Insanity, thy name is jetlag

Oh man. Got here, and ended up staying up amd talking with my girlfriend till 5am local time! Finally crashed, and was up by 10am the next day. Girlfriend had to take off to work, and I ended up spending an hour working on finding a permanent place to stay before passing out only to wake up two hours later feeling COMPLETELY OUT OF MY DOPHIN HUCKING MIND INSANE. I haven’t been this out of it since working on the robot for days on end…Anyways, dinner tonight with Girlfriend and her brother. Very excited to meet the guy. Wish me luck! Or pancakes! (Insane, remember?)


An hour and a half till takeoff. Thanks to booking by my dad, I’ll be in business class, though after riding business class via the Airbus to Tokyo a few weeks ago, who knows how comfy it will be. Thanks for ruining all other air travel for me, Airbus.


Less than 17 hours till I’m on my first leg to Vietnam.  I’ll be leaving on a 9:55am flight to  Vancouver (UA542). All I have left to do is pack, do a final run through my finances, and spend a little time with my family. Then  off to bed (also likely some FTL) and if I’m really lucky, I’ll get a chance to talk with my girl. Here’s to the first step of a year long adventure!