Meditation and Consideration

Well, I’m nearly 24 hours into weighing my options, and I’m only a little closer to an answer. Stay or go. Under the why to stay column, I have the already paid Celta program, the adventure of Vietnam, fulfilling the desire to have something new and exciting in my life, and the hatred of giving up once I’ve set out to do something. On the why to go column, I have my friends and family, the engineering career path, a familiar place to be, and a binding language. Other things to consider: I don’t love Vietnam. It’s neat in its own right, and I’m very glad to get to see and live in a place like this, if only to get some better perspective on the world. But the culture never fascinated me in the way Japan or Prague or England did. In addition, I’ve never had dreams of being an English teacher. Not that the prospect doesnt interest me, but it was always more of a means to an end, never something that really tugged and my heart. Granted, I do love teaching kids. They can be the most eager learners out there, which tends to be a great incentive to people who get excited for education. (Woo…tangent) What I’m trying to say is that I’m a man of science and engineering, not language. Ugh…clearly I have more thinking to do. Wish me luck, friends!



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