25 hours in

25 hours travel time, 3 flights, 3 meals, 3 glasses of wine, 3 bags of luggage, 2 hours of sleep, +/- 1/2 cicumference of the globe traversed, and I’m not even there yet, hahaha!


Plane friends!

Met two fantastically cool people on my trip already–sisters Stephanie and Sophie, hailing from Montreal, Canada. Sophie and Steph are in Hong Kong for the next 3 weeks with friends! Sophie is in Asain Studies, and Steph is working on her business degree. Here’s wishing the both of them a fantastic trip, with loads of cool experiences. Also, to Sophie’s boyfriend, best of luck with your pursuit of Computer Science and astrophysics! You sound like one smart dude. If I get any photos from Steph or Sophie, I’ll be sure to share (With their permission, if given, of course.) Oh! PS! Try some Chinese Ramen and let me know how it is!!

Insanity, thy name is jetlag

Oh man. Got here, and ended up staying up amd talking with my girlfriend till 5am local time! Finally crashed, and was up by 10am the next day. Girlfriend had to take off to work, and I ended up spending an hour working on finding a permanent place to stay before passing out only to wake up two hours later feeling COMPLETELY OUT OF MY DOPHIN HUCKING MIND INSANE. I haven’t been this out of it since working on the robot for days on end…Anyways, dinner tonight with Girlfriend and her brother. Very excited to meet the guy. Wish me luck! Or pancakes! (Insane, remember?)


An hour and a half till takeoff. Thanks to booking by my dad, I’ll be in business class, though after riding business class via the Airbus to Tokyo a few weeks ago, who knows how comfy it will be. Thanks for ruining all other air travel for me, Airbus.